The TSA Chapter Hansenberg

This is the first year for our TSA Chapter at the Internatsschule Schloss Hansenberg (ISH) in Germany. Our team consists of four students (Dominik Schweitzer, Moritz Büdenbender, Joshua Maas and Marcel Hofmann) and our advisor Clemens Kress, who is a teacher for physics and Latin. Since this is our first time entering the TSA National Conference we are very thrilled to compete with other technology-interested students of our age.



Our Projects

For the 2012 TSA national conference our team will be working on the following projects: For Engineering Design we are trying to design a wind power plant that has a constant output through the use of rotational energy storage. Our animated informational video for the SciViz competition focuses on the development, functionality, and application of the scanning tunneling microscope. The Webpage for Webmaster is the one you are viewing right now. It introduces you to our school and chapter as well as the history and future of American manned space exploration.