Study Days

Study Day is an essential part of the concept of ISH, is considered desirable by teachers and students alike and is regarded as indispensable. It takes place every two to three weeks, replacing the standard curriculum for an entire day.

Taking into account the requests of their students, teachers arrange an interdisciplinary programme of extracurricular special courses each study day. The programme consists of single-day courses (e.g.: ”The seventh ‘Leningrad’ Symphony of Shostakovich and the Role of Finland in World War II”), block courses continuing on several consecutive study days (ex: “Soul, Identity and Neurophysiology”) or further support with studying (ex: “Exercises for Stochasitics” or “Preparation for the TOEFL”). Additionally, every student takes the ECDL-test (European Computer Driving Licence) during this period in the Introductory Phase (E1/E2).

Students compile their own schedules for any given Study Day individually. They may choose to attend a course in the teachers’ programme as above, to work on an independent project or more profound team projects, to prepare for exams or to study in private in the excellently equipped library. The schedule is discussed with the mentors before and after study day.

The intention of study day is open learning in school and active, individual development with the purpose of doing justice to personal academic accomplishment and providing the opportunity to pursue interests that are above and beyond the compulsory school curriculum. These independent studies guide students towards organisation, initiative, private study and responsibility for themselves and study days are always open to new content.



Information and Picture taken from the 2011 Hansenberg English Brochure