Project Phase Q+

A central element in self-organised studying is the Project Phase after the written Abitur examinations. During this phase, different projects guide students to the scientific approach as well taking into account the specific requierments of ISH. This trimester systematically connects life in the high school and boarding school with different intellectual challenges and social experiences on the one hand and continuing career orientation on the other hand. With regard to the socially integrative concept of ISH, a week is dedicated to learning to help in a social context in the institutions for supporting, nursing and teaching in the Rheingau.

After the conclusion of the written Abitur examinations, the prospective high-school graduates put together this five- to six-week learning and working programme from a block system which is varied each year. Many of the projects, in which supervision by teachers is replaced by self-organised studying, are developed in cooperation with institutions from outside the school. Universities, research institutes, foundations, political, social and community partners offer competent support systems, each with very different insights into research science, political theory and practice as much as social reality. Participation in these projects is separately certified.

In the Q+ trimester there are also opportunities to personally contact universities and colleges as well as the concluding study trip with the complete year. This phase ends with the oral Abitur examinations. One of the two oral examinations is replaced by either a presentation or an independent research project.

Information and Picture taken from the 2011 Hansenberg English Brochure