Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the classes, there are a number of other activities. They are divided into voluntary work groups, which are attended out of pure interest and service groups that support the reciprocal for each other. Here each student must participate in at least one service group. There are voluntary work groups in the areas arts, music, sports, languages, economics and natural sciences. On this page you can see a selection of the voluntary work groups in the natural sciences.

Chemical Olympics

Preparation for the participation in the several rounds of the International Chemistry Olympiad.

Computer Science

As part of the work group subjects are treated of the practical, technical and theoretical computer science. At the beginning we will dive into the area of functional programming by using the Scheme-Derivats Racket. Following this is a trip into the world of digital logic in order to learn the basics of circuit design.

Political Geography

Geopolitics of different States security policy in terms of geographical principles, conflict analysis in geographical terms, method of conflict analysis, the armed forces in conflict areas

Mathematics in Spanish

Repetition of the already known material by using the spanish language


The Working Group provides a framework for independent processing of application-related technical and scientific projects to create competitive solutions in the form of models, and presentations.

Information taken from: http://hansenberg.de/schule/ags.php