Organisation of Courses

Classes required by the Hessian syllabus take place in morning courses. An exception are the arts subjects and philosophy, which are taught in the same afternoon. The main focus of the other two afternoons is determined by the profile of the school: intense work in the school laboratories is the purpose of the scientific afternoon, preparing for the advanced courses in mathematics and the natural sciences by, amongst others, an individual project. The subjects of political science / economics, history and English complement each other and enable students to take part in competitions and bilingual courses. The second semester is also used in preparation for the foreign internship. The afternoon courses facilitate personalised, interdisciplinary lessons and prepare for coursework in the qualification phase. The content and results of these courses are connected with the core curriculum and are relevant for grades there, too.

All students have lessons on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Wednesday afternoon is reserved for mentorsí meetings and, if necessary, for a general studentsí assembly. In community service groups, students do work for the community in and around Hansenberg.

Information taken from the 2011 Hansenberg English Brochure Picture-Source: